BCDP’s BEST POWER TOOL BRAND was inspired by Engr. Nebor Comshon,  Engr. Chika Williams and Sr Engr. Justin Vyke, Hats off to our Professionals! 

To come up with the BEST POWER TOOL BRAND, you cannot judge by merely testing different brands of tools and giving the crown to the brand with the best torque or the brand with the best power. These all matter, but there are lots more to finding the best power tool brand than these regular features.


best power tool brand

There are a billion reasons MAKITA holds Top1. Let’s talk about POWER. You would agree that most of the many problems consumers face about power tools are related to the Power itself. Yes. The power these power tools supply. Makita has a great way of handling power in power tools. A good example is Makita’s cordless power tools, the batteries that come with these tools are so greatly designed, there is almost  0% downtime on the batteries. Makita designs a smart computerized feature in their tools to maximize efficiency.

Star Protection Computer Controls is Makita-built communication technology, built in Makita tools and batteries to allow your tool and battery monitor conditions and exchange data in real time. This technology ensures Overload Protection, Discharge Protection, Overheat Protection.

Another worthy reason professionals and regulars love Makita is the Brand’s catalog. Makita offers a wide range of products line in the market, with each product having a wide spread of power range (You can get Makita corded or cordless drill from a few Volt to as high as 18Volts) Makita’s 18V tools are just too great. These 18V tools create new standards in overall efficiency and productivity, charging time and power tools performance. 

Makita also proves to really back up their warranty. The support team’s response time is always impressive. Choosing the best power tool brand, you would need a manufacturer that would always be behind you, responding and guiding you throughout the time you would own their product. Makita’s support is above 97%. You would also love that amongst all brands, Makita comes up with frequent discounts and promos the most. Makita currently has a deal that gives a large number of her efficient power tools models at over 60% discount.


Makita is based in Anjō, Japan, and operates factories in Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Romania, the United Kingdom, Germany and a little in the United States. For this reason, some of her products are not always found all-year-round in the US.

NO PROBLEM: All products are available on Amazon. Purchases can be made at an affordable price and the product will be delivered in a short period of time. Who even goes out to buy things nowadays? 🙂

See more on ABOUT MAKITA

DeWalt is the second best power tool brand. If you need a power tool brand whose product line is efficient and has the least noise, then choose this brand.

DeWalt is reputed for durable products and innovation. This is one brand that practically goes out to job sites learning what works and what doesn’t to make it all work for the professionals and the regulars. Every innovation from DeWalt is driven by a desire for performance, ease of use or productivity. One great thing about these guys products is the ease of use. If you own a DeWalt tool, you would testify to this.

DeWalt has a good approach to power tools production. They have the widest product catalog and are still coming up with more. Talking about experience, these guys know their shit.

DeWalt has advanced so much that they are expanding in one of most highly demanded Voltages in power tools, the 20V Max product line. This 20Volts MAX power tools line combine Soft Ergonomic Designs, Durable Bushless Motors, and High-capacity Li-Ion battery packs. These features are part of a system of tools that provide the runtime and power needed for cordless applications. Dewalt has also come up with a deal that gives you all the necesssary power tools at a discount of over 68%!

DeWalt power tool seem to have an average lifespan of just 10years.

NO PROBLEM: DeWalt has a great Support team that stays with you till what ever problem you have with the tool is sorted out. Also, constant tool service extends any tool’s  lifespan 🙂

best power tool brand

Bosch can be considered as the best power tool brand also. You rarely find a Bosch power tool user complaining of performance, power or any form of manufacturer’s negligence. Though there could be one or two lapses, these are not notable. Bosch is the best manufacturer of one of the most demanded categories of a power tool. The Table saw.

If you are interested in good performance, reliability, and an overall great brand, this could be your guy.


From the large number of customers’ reviews we collected from Amazon, it seems this brand’s tool cases are not as strong as the above two.

NO PROBLEM: You just have to handle this brand more carefully.

To get a qualitative data, we rounded up 9 most wanted qualities in a good power tool brand and also checked out some reliable statistics. Writing as a professional power tool researcher, it is paramount to note that in choosing the best power tool brand, one must consider these qualities, understand the relationship between these qualities and understand how they influence the performance of a power tool.

Let’s quickly run through these 9 qualities starting with the most vital one.


Here we measured how long the manufacturer has been in the business, how much the manufacturer knows about the business and how much attention the manufacturer pays to details. We would all agree that when it comes to subject matters, it is always better to go with a brand who has been on the subject for the longest period, thus, has attained a certain level of brand improvement.

Here we measured how responsive power tool brands are to consumers’ post-purchase requests/complaints, how much actual backup is behind the stated “1million years warranty” and how welcoming the brands’ Support Teams are when a troubled user contacts the brand’s help center. A brand that must emerge as the best power tool brand, must possess 100% consumer support.

Here we measured the level of operational hazard users are exposed to when operating tools from different brands. We checked out some statistics showing the number of injuries and/or deaths blamed on the different brands’ tools in government surveys published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. A particular statistic showed that the most common power tool hazard is ELECTRIC SHOCK. A person who has suffered an electric shock may have very little external evidence of injury or may have obvious severe burns and in some cases, may be in cardiac arrest after the electric shock. A brand that must emerge as the best power tool brand, must possess little or no hazard exposure.

Some technicians say Mechanical Operations sometimes feel like Manual Operations. The world is quickly treading the path of Computerized Operations and power tools can not be left behind. Recently, some power tools manufactured later than the year 2015, are computerized with smart features like the Star Protection Computer Controls, amongst many other. More information on this would be shared on the review result section below. When deciding on the best power tool brand, it is a big plus to pick from brands with some from-the-future attributes, because such brands can easily keep up with our daily advancing world.

To get the best power tool brand, we considered a case where an individual has decided to stick particular brand of power tools, only to find out the model offered by this brand for a particular tool type he is interested in, is of a low quality or low features. We checked out the product line of these power tools brands to see how many stand-alone products each different brand offers, ranking them at tool type level by their qualities, their attributes, and their usabilities. The best power tool brand must have a wide product line available on the market.

Here we checked how tough it can be to use tools offered by these different brands. This can be quite a huge turn down for potential users. For a tool type like Drill, some are designed to run at a single speed while some are designed to run at variable speed. Variable speed enables a user to select a preferred speed for a particular task. For single speed drills, this is a limitation. The best power tools brand must offer a product line whose operational difficulty is not above 40%.

Here we checked the possibility of bringing these different brands’ product lines back to life if peradventure a major breakdown occurs. Some of us would testify that in our garages a number of unrepairable power tools lie around. Picking the best power tool brand would demand that the winning brand must be a brand that makes tools that can be fixed if a major breakdown occurs.

A good environment does not only entail a green and clean environment. NOISE is another major factor that determines a good environment. On this point, we checked the noise level of these brands’ product lines. Yes, from our checks we discovered all tools make a certain amount of noise, but some noise were just way too offensive. At the end, we were able to find good brands whose product lines make just little bearable noise.

Each of the world’s leading power tools brands produces different power tools with different voltages. For example, recent cordless power tools feature Li-Ion batteries with 10,7V, 12V, 14V, 18V, 36V output and even more. The higher the voltage the more powerful a tool is. When it comes to the best practice on power tools usage, it is best to use the tool that supplies just about the needed voltage for a particular task, to reduce operational hazards and other unprecedented occurrences. For this point, we considered the different brands and voltages offered by these brands’ product lines, then picked the brands that offer the widest range of Voltage.

“I am a professional, and sometimes professionals get stuck. Nothing is more relieving than knowing where to go get help when you need one.
Thanks BDCP, for all the incredible information on this site”

Engr. Nebor Comshon

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