Ten best rechargeable drills

Over the years, we have watched power tools manufacturers have come up with different innovations for consumers convenience and ease of operation- one of such innovations being the introduction of wireless drilling machines which are not only easy to use but are also portable & rechargeable. At first, the power source was the Ni-Cad batteries,... Read More »

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Seeking the best price battery drill could be tricky as there are many cheap drills out there with just a few having the quality and build for optimal performance. From my experience, the need for a drill arises quite often, hence, it needs to be affordable enough for every average tool-user to secure in other... Read More »

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Every home user owner needs a drill set to complete his tool arsenal for any project that comes up. But a great delima arises when deciding the best drill to buy in terms of quality and performance. To buy a drill, one may need to consider the number of times it will be needed and... Read More »

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Cordless drills have gained much ground today in various fields of applications, most especially with lots of home projects. Many house owners have become DIYers, building different projects around the house from furniture installation, electrical repairs, and plumbing, even to simple construction projects. As such, it is very important to own one of the best... Read More »

STRONGEST DRILLS REVIEWED 2017 strongest cordless drill | most powerful hand drill | most powerful cordless drill | most powerful battery drill

While searching for the strongest cordless drills, many brands and models will come to mind making it difficult to select one. To make the best choice, it is very necessary to understand what one is going for, the type of project it would be used for, and where to get the best. This way, one... Read More »

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When in search for the best battery powered cordless drill, you must consider the tasks or projects you want to venture into. Basic cordless drills are best used for drilling small holes while the standard drills are being used to punch holes through sturdy and hard material effortlessly. With regards to drills, the battery powered... Read More »

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For every home budgeted projects and installations, we usually seek power tools at affordable prices. This involves drills. The best cheap drill to get a job done and what the power drill offers depends solely on one’s choice. The capacity of the best value drill is directly dependent on the specifications of the drill. There... Read More »


To be frank, every smart Craftsman/DIYer needs to own one of the best portable drills to perform different tasks around the home, from the simplest tasks to heaviest. These small portable drills are not overrated, they are actually cordless and run on battery power. This makes them a lot less expensive than the electric-powered drill.... Read More »


SEE PRICE DEWALT 20V (Model No: DCD791D2 ) OPERATION Put this Lightweight drill for women to use and you would agree with me that it can easily be the best cordless drill you have used. The metal 1/2″ ratcheting chuck in this Ladies drill set would make you doubt some other drills you have used.  It’s very... Read More »

Genesis GLCD122P

  SEE PRICE Genesis GLCD122P 12V Lithium-Ion 2-Speed Drill/Driver, Grey, 3/8-inch OPERATION- This lightweight drill for women has two variable speed ranges for versatility and power. This gives 350 & 1300 RPM respectively. This drill supplies a good power of 12volts and this power is enough to get tough jobs done. Its High-Performance Motor Produces up... Read More »

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