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About us



I’m Vincent Walter. Founder and editor of BCDP reviews. It’s a great pleasure to meet you.

BCDP is your perfect place to get quality information and through reviews on power tools.

We break down our reviews into important parts to help you make a better decision on any product line.

On every review, you would find:

  • Our view of “nature of the product line”.
  • Factors to consider to get the best of that product line.
  • Our recommendation of the best in that product line.
  • The pros and cons of each of our recommendation.


To ensure we give you the best, we confirm our findings of the best of any product by consulting customers’ reviews and seeking professional companies’ opinions.

Your ability to make an informed and investment driven decision is the muse behind all our projects.

We will continue publishing quality articles to drive our readers towards the best of any product line.